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Spring/Summer, 2020



Many people live under the misconception that bravery is something you’re born with—that those who are truly daring and carry an intrepid boldness are able to do so because of natural expertise. But courage is a skill, and like all other skills, it can be learned, strengthened and mastered with practice.

Though it might seem impossible right now in light of a global pandemic, I hope you find strength in overcoming your fears. The world has quickly transformed into a scary place as we are constantly embroiled in unprecedented chaos, but I hope these women’s stories can help ease your anxieties (if not just a little bit). This spring, let us remember to listen to our own needs, to forgive ourselves for feeling scattered or unfocused, to check in with our loved ones. Let us remember to stay in the present, for the past and the future will not offer much reprieve.

Jade Sayson
Editor in Chief

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