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Fall/Winter, 2021



We are all beset with all sorts of problems, challenges and hurdles in life that, in the bleakest moments, when all signs for resolution seem lost, we can hold onto “hope.” At times when situations seem hopeless and no one is around to turn to anymore, when all distractions in life are set aside, then one discovers that God has always been there. It is only in discovering the truth that you are precious in the eyes of the Father— that you will finally discard your own pride. And when, upon reaching genuine humility, you will one hold onto this divine hand, the anticipation and certitude of heart and soul that all will be well—not in our hurried timetable, but that of God’s timing. When one begins to accept this trust, one will have faith so magnificent that no mishap, no person, no storm can ever lead you away from all the good things that were meant to be for you. On this new theme of “hope” for this Fall/Winter 2021 issue, we share our writers’ stories and expressions of hope, so that others who are struggling can find hope and be lifted. You are loved, you will prosper. Life is good.

Jade Sayson
Editor in Chief