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Spring/Summer, 2021



As we enter our second year in slowness and isolation, many of us can agree that quarantine has been a special time for looking inward. Without others to constantly interact with, it can be difficult to recognize your own image. But this pause in human interaction has given us a unique opportunity to dig deeper into introspection—to examine parts of ourselves we might’ve pushed back, or hid behind others, before.

This spring, our writers invite you to read their own personal reflections on identity, during these moments of stillness. We hope that you, too, are able to hold space for yourself and the questions that come with your complexities, in some shape or form. Wherever you are in your journey, we hope these stories can bring you at least a little bit of comfort and remind you that you are not alone. As writer Ayishat Akanbi once said, “The  fixation with your identity limits your identity.” It is natural to feel lost in this confusing time, and though we may be  physically apart, we are all just processing together.

Jade Sayson
Editor in Chief