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Angel Rising aspires to bring captivating and compelling stories written by women from all walks of life and experience. The guiding principles for which these articles are chosen:
1. to inspire women both young & matured in striving to pursue their dreams in life
2. to provide an open forum of cultural & social ideas in finding solutions to modern issues of living in a changing world
3. to instill a sense of value to the woman by guidance through a moral code guided by a belief in God
4. to help restore or strengthen the family unit
5. to realize the unique beauty in each woman in the world
6. to give hope and dignity to life
7. to provide an avenue to connect with women of all races and faiths
8. to instill a sense of value that women are powerful in building a nation.

Reflect on

who you are

as a person

Read good books and watch good films

Look away,

but she'll tempt

you again

No person is successful on their own

No one else

can write

your story

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